Smart Tutor Massive Price Reduction

Hello Parents! 

Oh yes we did… we cut our prices to meet or beat our competitors.   Funny thing is that some of our competitors sell our product too!  We love them, but we simply cannot allow them to undercut us… after all, we are the source.  So, parents, you get the benefit of having the best Reading & Math online materials at a great discount.

We also would like for you to buy directly from us because of our NEW OFFER, “Smart Tutor is FREE to families in need!”  It’s our pay it forward campaign that we have been wanting to do for a long long time.

Now that we have grown so much and the product is in the hands of children all over the world, thanks to you, we have decided to do something good as a thank you to you.   Together, we can make the world a better place by helping children in need with skills they will use their entire lives.

So, our message today is, buy here, buy now, and we will continue to “pay it forward” to those families that need us but can’t afford it.

Happy 2016 Everyone! 

Robin Baker

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