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Explore these free research articles, tips, and tricks from homeschool parents and teachers just like you! These lists and articles can help you:

  • decide if homeschooling is the best option for your child
  • get started with homeschooling
  • stay up to date with home education requirements
  • use homeschooling to help your special needs or gifted child
  • build a support group and locate other homeschoolers in your area
  • save money while providing a quality education for your child
  • find free, local teaching and learning resources
  • balance day to day homeschooling challenges such as working with multiple grade levels
  • manage your unique homeschooling situation
  • become a better parent and teacher
  • incorporate effective technology in your homeschool curriculum
  • learn effective behavior and time management techniques
  • enhance your organizational skills
  • and much more

At times, homeschooling can feel like a lonely, difficult, and costly challenge, but a great education does not have to be exhausting or expensive. It is important to stay connected and build a support system. There are many resources online, at your local library and in your community that can help you build a community of parents, teachers and learners. This makes sharing resources and ideas easy and helps you stay motivated to provide the best education possible for your child. Other priceless tips and tricks for finding curriculum on a budget and helping your homeschool child meet new friends can also be found within these articles.

Check back daily for new articles and please let us know if there are any specific questions you have that we have not yet been addressed. We will be happy to help!