“SmartTutor revolutionizes and modernizes teaching and tutoring to fit into our 21st century learning environments.”

Smart Tutor’s Think…OnlineEducation Program has worked for thousands of children worldwide. SmartTutor combines innovative use of technology with a comprehensive research-based curriculum.

Providing student-centered instruction in a motivating and real-world setting is the guiding philosophy behind Learning Today’s revolutionary system. This sound research base ensures that students gain skills necessary to become better readers and mathematicians…. Parents, that means better grades and higher self esteem!

“SmartTutor is an exceptional educational tool. It is… fun, challenging, and reinforces and expands the horizons of students. The learning that takes place using this medium is state of the art.” Gwynne Williams, Director of Education Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County

  • Explore these white papers and case studies to discover how others have achieved success with Smart Tutor’s Think…OnlineEducation solutions. Read more about how Smart Tutor: helped Special Education students achieve statistically significant improvements in a 6 – 9 month period
  • assisted 162 potential third-grade students (that were going to be held back a grade level) make significant grade level gains in as little as 10 hours of online instruction
  • helped increase the number of students that scored a passing reading grade on state-mandated assessment tests by 87%
  • helped increase the number of students that scored a passing math grade on state-mandated assessment tests by 200%
  • and much more…

In addition, these independent evaluations rave over the benefits of Smart Tutor, including descriptions of how Smart Tutor:

  • works well with English language development programs for students that are English language learners (ELLs, ESL, etc.)
  • places every student on a unique learning path at his or her appropriate level of instruction
  • provides individualized instruction and remediation in a challenging yet comfortable environment
  • engages all learners through multiple representations, active involvement, relevant topics and intrinsic motivation (they want to learn!)
  • allows for ease of student use from any location (100% web-based)
  • utilizes conceptual and interactive tools and exploratory investigations necessary for building knowledge of mathematical procedures and concepts
  • simulates classroom conversation and encourages children to share responses about stories and articles
  • helps children build meaningful connections between math or reading and personal experiences

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