Smart Tutor Testimonials

Testimonials – Smart Tutor

“I was struggling trying to find stress free way to Homeschooling my 2 Children. I stumbled upon Smart Tutor.

I like the “adaptive learning”, “positive and encouraging feedback from lesson characters”, some lessons are actually humorous and strengthen the idea that “learning is fun!” I also love having immediate results of scores, and the option to repeat over and over lessons if they failed or need extra practice.

I can go move up and down in grade lever from Kindergarter through Fifth easily with no extra fee. There is so much more. It is all at the sweep of a few buttons. All the scores, progress reports and time spent on Smart tutor is readily available for me anytime I need to access it.

A lifesaver for keeping track of daily grades and attendance in a grade book. Smart Tutor does it automatically. I use Smart Tutor as my core of Homeschooling. Affordable pricing too. ***** 5 Stars for Smart Tutor. I highly recommend this [site].”

– Joe and Angela, North Carolina

Smart Tutor Helps to Reinforce

“I also wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your program. I am a homeschool mother of two and think that the time my children spend on smarttutor.com really helps to reinforce what I am doing with the curriculum I purchased for them. The extra added practice on fractions or place value in a fun non-threatening medium is awesome! I will be telling my homeschool friends of this great service.”

~ Angie N.


Results in one week!

“I just wanted to comment on the smart tutor program. I home-school my five year old daughter. She started kindergarten this year, and also goes to speech therapy at a public school once a week for half an hour. She has had 4 lessons in speech therapy to date. I was told by the speech therapist after her third lesson that I should consider enrolling her in school due to speech issues. I combined your program along with the click and read program just recently. The results in one week were amazing. When she went for her fourth speech lesson, the speech therapist told me that she had improved considerably, and not to worry about enrolling her in school. (Public school was not an option for me anyway.) Thank you for your program. My daughter enjoys it and it has given her the confidence she needs to feel she can do anything she sets her mind to.”

~ Lori R.


Smart Tutor, a great program!

“My other child was really struggling with doing the hooked on phonics program (very resistant). Smart Tutor has really helped. He has completed nearly 4 hours of lessons already and I have printed out the assessment along with the reports. I plan to share this info with his teachers. Thank you, this is a great program!”

~ Judy R.

Happy Reading Scores with Smart Tutor

“I am very pleased with Laura’s progress. She has continued with the reading materials and she loves it. Every time she finishes a section, she rushes to me and lets me know her score.”

~ Mom from Miami

Love for the Space Theme in Smart Tutor

“They love the space theme of the program – esp. the boys! We are enjoying the program”


Our Kids Like Smart Tutor

“Our kids really like it!”


Tutors and Parents are Ecstatic

“It is going great for [my child]. His tutor is ecstatic.”

~ Charisma

Smart Tutor Does its Job

“It’s doing just what we want it to!”

~ Laura S.


Assigning Lessons

“Our twins love Smart Tutor and I have been working with them on some of the concepts in the lesson. I am excited that I will be able to go back and assign lessons where the concept was not understood. I just finished printing reports so that I could go back and assign lessons. Erica and Cody are going to be excited to do this.”

~ Taffy W.