Math Curriculum

“The online math library is huge, with over 1500 award-winning lessons aligned to state and national standards!”

SmartTutor’s award-winning online math curriculum contains over 1500 tutorials and activities designed to develop mathematical thinking and computational skills. The K – 6 math curriculum covers fundamental math concepts including:

  • Number Sense and Numerical Operations – estimating, adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying with fractions, decimals, percent, integers and beyond
  • Measurement – measuring length, weight, and capacity including the use of the Customary and Metric Systems as well as calculating time, money, and more
  • Geometry – understanding the characteristics and properties of geometric shapes and solids including transformations, symmetry, spatial relationships, coordinate geometry, etc.
  • Algebra and Algebraic Thinking – problem-solving with patterns, relationships, equations, expressions, inequalities, factors, multiples, ratios, rates, proportions, etc.
  • Data Analysis, Probability, and Statistics – representing and interpreting data in various forms, understanding statistical variability, summarizing distributions, etc.

“These math lessons develop math fluency and boost self confidence in mathematics.”

Our animated online math lessons develop math fluency, strengthen conceptual understandings and boost self-confidence in mathematics by:

  • exposing children to interesting questions and real-world problem-solving experiences
  • including multiple representation formats as well as virtual manipulatives, applets, games and simulations to reach all learners
  • using natural, everyday language and gradually incorporating terms and symbols
  • utilizing an interdisciplinary approach with investigations in social studies, science, history, sports and current events
  • building knowledge conceptually and explicitly,  gradually relating concepts to skills and strategies
  • providing opportunities to take risks, explore and discover in a safe, non-threatening environment
  • incorporating immediate and specific feedback for correct and incorrect answers that activates prior knowledge, anticipates and corrects misconceived knowledge, fills learning gaps, and teaches new material

Math Sample Lessons

Kindergarten – Practice Exercise

Geometry – 2D Shapes – K – Vol 1








First Grade – Tutorial

Statistics – Picture Graphs – Level 1  – Vol 1

Free Lesson - Statistics – Picture Graphs








Second Grade – Tutorial

Adding two or more numbers Level 2 – Vol 1

Free Math Lesson - Adding two or more numbers








Third Grade – Quiz

Algebra – Equations and Inequalities – Level 3 – Vol 1

Free Math lesson - Algebra – Equations and Inequalities








Fourth Grade – Tutorial

Fractions – Fractional Part of a set – Level 4 – Vol 1

Free Lesson - Fractions – Fractional Part of a set








Fifth Grade – Practice Exercise

Geometry – Coordinate Geometry – Level 5 – Vol 1

Free Math Lesson - Geometry – Coordinate Geometry








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