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About SmartTutor K-5 Curriculum


Hey Parents… SmartTutor can give you an affordable, accessible, and credible tutoring program for just pennies a day!

Aligned to National Education Standards (Common Core Standards).

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Hey Teachers… SmartTutor’s innovative approach to educational software has won SmartTutor numerous educational technology awards including multiple Best Educational Software (BESSIE) awards in categories such as Best Reading and Literacy Website and Best Math Website; a Tech & Learning Award of Excellence; and a finalist nomination for the CODiE awards.

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Award winning Online software


Hey Kids… SmartTutor can help you get the grades and confidence you need to succeed!  Do the program for just 15 minutes a day and make yourself, your parents, and your teachers proud of your progress!

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Parent’s View


“Your child will receive a customized curriculum plan for just pennies a day!”

Many parents seek an affordable, accessible, and credible tutoring solution. Sometimes that can be a hard mix to find. Individual, certified tutors can charge $50 – $100 an hour to give your child the personalized one-on-one help he or she may need. That’s a great option, if you can afford it. However, many children need multiple levels of tutoring throughout their formative elementary years.

Smart Tutor Parents

Some parents try to become the tutor themselves (usually a bad idea!), some have to ignore the problem because they cannot afford tutors and/or they can’t tutor themselves. That’s why SmartTutor’s Think…OnlineEducation program offers parents a solution that is affordable, always available (no scheduling required!), and built by teachers for students.  That’s right–affordable, accessible, and credible!!! Your children will receive a customized curriculum plan that is full of daily, interactive lessons they can use in their own home, as much as needed, until the problem is solved… for just pennies a day!

Teacher’s View

SmartTutor’s award-winning K-5 curriculum was developed and refined from years of feedback and collaboration with master educators, curriculum specialists, special-education advisors, expert teachers, involved parents and thoughtful students. SmartTutor, comprised of over 3000 reading and math lessons, is based on the latest and greatest in educational research and best instructional practices.

“SmartTutor’s  Think…OnlineEducation engages and motivates struggling and at risk students to excel in reading and math…”

SmartTutor’s curriculum is specifically designed to engage and motivate struggling, at-risk, ESL and even high-performing students to succeed and excel in reading and math and take an active role in learning. Content and teaching methods are presented in developmentally appropriate, relevant, and respectful ways to reach all learners.

Smart Tutor Curriculum for Teacher

SmartTutor’s curriculum is founded on these key elements:

  • explicit instruction
  • frequent interactivity
  • immediate, corrective feedback
  • deep conceptual understandings
  • real world applications
  • critical thinking
  • problem-solving and discovery
  • audio/visual support

Kids View

“It makes me think!”
-6th Grader from Davie, FL.

A 6th grade student in southern Florida was asked in a recent focus group what made SmartTutor stand out from other educational software programs of its kind and he quickly replied with four words, “It makes me think!”  This is why SmartTutor’s Think…OnlineEducation makes sense – it’s fun  interactive learning at your fingertips.

Smart Tutor Curriculum for kids