K-5 Education Program

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K-5 Education Program

Smart Tutor is a convenient, online, personalized K-5 education program that helps your child build fundamental reading and math skills in a meaningful and motivating way. It is perfect for homeschool, afterschool, summer use, and more. Smart Tutor has worked for thousands of students world-wide as:

  • an educational supplement after school
  • core homeschool curriculum
  • an alternative to tutoring
  • in place of summer school

Smart Tutor was designed with the various learning styles of today’s digital learner in mind. Its high-impact, highly focused approach keeps children motivated to learn. This award-winning,  automated learning program is proven effective for:

  • homeschool students
  • struggling and at-risk students
  • students with special needs
  • students on grade-level
  • advanced or gifted students

Aligned to National Education Standards (Common Core Standards).

Automated and Adaptive Placement Assessment

How can one program work for every child? Smart Tutor’s adaptive, online placement exam initially assesses your child’s strengths and weaknesses and automatically creates an individualized learning program tailored to your child’s unique educational needs.

If your child answers many of the questions correctly, the questions automatically become harder. If your child inputs wrong answers, the questions automatically get easier. This allows Smart Tutor to accurately determine your child’s ability levels and create a customized learning program, on a sub-grade and sub-skill level, personalized for your child’s success.

Smart Tutor Assessment items

At the click of a start button your child can begin learning at his or her own pace and on his or her own path!

  • Struggling students that are performing below-grade level work on the skills they need to build proficiency and perform successfully at their grade-level and beyond.
  • Students performing on-grade level engage more deeply in the skills they need to excel beyond their current grade level.
  • Advanced students that are already working above-grade level also work at their own pace and on their own path, motivated by the extra challenge of continued advancement.

Individualized, Interactive, and Engaging Instruction

After the initial exam is complete, the system queues up your child’s individualized lessons and serves them up in a seamless interface on a lesson by lesson basis for both math and reading. For example, if a 2nd grade student is strong in Phonics, but weak in Reading Comprehension skills, Smart Tutor will start them off at a higher level in Phonics and a lower level in reading comprehension, based on his or her unique educational needs. Smart Tutor does this for each skill in reading and math; which means your child receives instruction that is truly personalized, without the cost of a high-priced tutor!

Smart Tutor’s non-threatening and engaging educational games and stories make learning fun for all ages. Our interactive lessons begin with explicit and interactive tutorials, followed by a review activity and finally a graded quiz. All lessons are research-based and align to state and national standards. Students remain productively engaged throughout the learning experience with real world examples, cartoon characters, interesting stories, exciting graphics, fun games, eye-opening simulations, powerful animations, and meaningful interactions.

About Smart Tutor

SmartTutor’s instruction can make the difference in your child’s education by:

  • remediating and building skill-sets
  • raising confidence levels
  • motivating students to want learn
  • instilling critical thinking skills
  • refining study and test-taking skills

Immediate, Specific and Helpful Feedback

Master educators and curriculum experts refer to each lesson’s immediate, specific and helpful feedback as the “secret sauce” of SmartTutor. SmartTutor lets your child know right away if he or she got an answer right or wrong. This is crucial for learning new skills, busting common misconceptions, and filling in learning gaps. Kids are motivated in this 1:1, non-threatening, digital atmosphere to take risks, make mistakes, and learn from them.

Smart Tutor Feedback

Free, Immediate and Convenient Tracking

As a parent you can login to SmartTutor.com at any time to view your child’s progress reports and track his or her growth. With just the click of a button, you will be able to see your student’s educational strengths and weaknesses at a sub-grade and sub-skill level and monitor their scores on each lesson.

Smart Tutor Reports