Homeschooling in a Tough Economy | Tips to Stretch Your Dollars

When times are tough, any extra money spent takes away from what you have. With many jobs being downsized and people losing work, it’s often hard to find the money to do the things that you want. When it comes to homeschooling, it might seem like an unaffordable luxury to many. However, nothing is more important than your child’s education, and if you desire to homeschool, that should be considered a necessity, not a luxury. Public schools have their own fees and costs, so you’ll be paying for your children to attend school no matter what you do. By homeschooling your children, you can at least have some control over the costs and expenses of the process.

Homeschooling in a Tough Economy | Tips to Stretch Your Dollars

Save Money on Homeschooling with Free Resources

The internet has created a whole new world for homeschooling. If you choose to employ the internet in your lessons, you’re saving a lot of money on textbooks, worksheets, and other materials. However, a child cannot learn from the internet alone. For that reason, there are plenty of websites where you can find worksheets, project ideas, and various lessons and information for free. Spending a little money on a printer cartridge and paper is much more affordable than spending hundreds of dollars on textbooks and workbooks. Use the resources that are out there, because free is always a welcome change for parents. You can also find all of the curriculum guides and homeschool information, as well as some textbooks and informational resources at your local library, which is also a free service. You can copy pages that you need, check out books that are useful, and save the difference from buying brand new copies for your homeschool program.


Share Resources and Classes to Stretch Your Dollars

One popular option in cities and heavily populated areas is to get involved in a homeschooling co-op. This is ultimately where you, as a parent, find another family that is involved in homeschooling and share responsibility for teaching materials, books and workbooks, classes, and other expenses. For example, if there is a family in your neighborhood who is homeschooling children the same age as yours, you can do it together and save the expense of each having to buy your own materials. For some parents, this doesn’t work because they are not teaching the same subjects and in the same way as other parents, but by joining a homeschool support group, you should be able to find at least one other parent teaching a similar method as you are. If you are in serious need of financial relief, you might have to accept changing the curriculum that you teach or the manner in which you teach it to be able to take advantage of this option.

Other Money Saving Ideas for Homeschooling

When it comes to homeschooling a child, it can often be the only option for many families. Gifted children and special needs children especially require that extra attention that public school just can’t provide in many cases. You can take advantage of a variety of resources when you decide to homeschool your child. While it may seem expensive, you need to focus on the affordable parts of the process. For example, you will save money on transportation, by not having to worry about getting kids back and forth to school. You’ll also save money on all those extra school supplies that the school requires. No longer will you have to fulfill that silly “all students should bring 4 boxes of Kleenex” requirement, or any other ridiculous requests. You won’t be paying for field trips or class trips that are overpriced, and you can save money by planning your own trips, which can be as affordable as you need them to be.

Think Outside the Box

Homeschooling can be an expensive process if you follow all the requirements to the letter, buy all the books brand new, and turn your home into a virtual public school classroom. However, you can also take the time to find alternative methods of teaching, free information and worksheets online, and team up with other homeschool families to explore other ways to save money and make homeschooling an affordable program.

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