Second Grade Reading Lessons

Check out these free second grade reading lessons! These engaging lessons can supplement your current reading units in any of the reading sub-skills, including Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, Vocabulary, Sight Words, and Reading Comprehension, or you can plan your entire reading block around these 5 freebies.


Free reading Lesson Second Grade PhonicsConsonant Diagrphs – Level 2 Vol. 1 – Capt. Armstrong leads your children on an important mission in this free second grade phonics lesson. Students are prompted to match consonant digraphs, including  th, ch, and sh, with word parts to make words they hear. Correct matches will send each spaceship blasting off to outer space!


Phonemic Awareness

Free reading Lesson Second Grade Phonemic AwarenessRhyming Level B Vol. 1 – In this free phonemic awareness lesson, kids create their own poems to practice rhyming! Children are given lines of a poem and are prompted to select lines that rhyme to build out the poem. In the end, students can watch their poem come to life. Play this lesson multiple times to create unique poems.



Free reading Lesson Second Grade VocabularyHomophones Level 2 Vol. 1 – Learn about homophones in this free vocabulary lesson. Children first play a homophone matching game, matching words like meat and meet and mail and male to pictures they flip. Last, kids create a short story by filling in the blanks with correctly spelled homophones. Immediate feedback connects the correct spelling of the word to the correct meaning of each word.


Sight Words

Free reading Lesson Second Grade Sight WordsBasic Sight Word Level 2 Vol. 3 – Children play the Power Up sight word game in this free lesson to practice their fluency with reading words like gave, tell, wash, work, call, and goes. When a sight word is spoken, kids are prompted to click the word in a floating list of words. Points are given for each correct click.


Reading Comprehension

Free reading Lesson Second Grade Reading ComprehensionFact and Opinion Level 2 Vol. 1 – This free reading comprehension lesson helps kids understand the difference between facts and opinions. Students read a biography about the baseball player Jackie Robinson, and then sort statements into facts and opinions piles.