Fourth Grade Reading Lessons

Check out these free fourth grade reading lessons! Use them to supplement your reading units in any of the fourth-grade reading sub-skills, including Phonics, Vocabulary, and Reading Comprehension. You can also plan your entire daily lesson plan around these 3 award-winning free lessons.


Free reading Lesson Fourth Grade PhonicsPrefixes Level 4 Vol. 1 – This free fourth-grade phonics lesson teaches students the meanings of common prefixes such as re-, un-, dis-, and sub-. Students combine prefixes with root words to make words with specific meanings. Since prefixes give meaning to thousands of words, this is a crucial foundational reading skill for any fourth-grade reader.



Free reading Lesson Fourth Grade VocabularySynonyms and Antonyms Level 4 Vol. 1 – The fun factor of this free vocab lesson will have your kids asking for more practice with synonyms and antonyms. Children help a frog cross a river by hopping on synonym or antonym logs. Synonyms and antonyms of words like secluded, aid and serene are practiced. Fun music, funny character animations, and engaging interaction make this lesson a splash for fourth-graders!


Reading Comprehension

Free reading Lesson Fourth Grade Reading ComprehensionStory Structure Level 4 Vol. 1 – Students join Denzel’s class to discuss a book about missing ice cream. The focus of this free fourth-grade reading comprehension lesson is on story structure, including story elements such as characters, setting, and plot. Students build a plot diagram and answer questions about the plot elements of the story. In the end, children can use their lesson tickets to play a cool coin-collecting game.