First Grade Reading Lessons

Your first graders will love these free first grade reading lessons! Use them to supplement your reading units in any of the reading sub-skills, including Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, Vocabulary, Sight Words, and Reading Comprehension, or plan your entire daily lesson plan around these 5 freebies.


Free reading Lesson First Grade PhonicsSilent E Level 1 Vol. 1 – This free phonics lesson provides an opportunity for kids to practice sorting words with long and short vowel sounds. This will help build the foundation for teaching children to read words with the tricky silent e.



Phonemic Awareness

Free reading Lesson First Grade Phonemic AwarenessIsolation Level A Vol. 1 – This free phonemic awareness lesson will help your children practice isolating beginning sounds. Students accompany Simon to the doctor to practice isolating the beginning sound of human body words like mouth, neck, chest, foot, and more.



Free reading Lesson First Grade Phonemic AwarenessBlending Level A Vol. 1 – Children will take a trip to China in this additional free phonemic awareness lesson, where they make dumplings by sounding out the words on each dumpling. Students practice blending techniques to make words like soap, rain, seed, and mice.




Free reading Lesson First Grade VocabularyMultiple Meaning Words Level 1 Vol. 1 – This free vocab lesson focuses on multiple meaning words. Kids solve riddles with words such as bark, ring, and watch. In the end, they can use the tickets they earned from each riddle to play a fun water balloon game.



Sight Words

Free reading Lesson First Grade Sight WordsBasic Sight Words Level 1 Vol. 3 – First graders will love making Puppybot dance when they find the sight words in this free lesson. Short sentences are given and children are prompted to see, say, and click sight words such as ran, went, and came.



Reading Comprehension

Free reading Lesson First Grade Reading ComprehensionSequencing Level 1 Vol. 1 – This free reading comprehension lesson will not only teach your kids how to make a spoon puppet, but it will also help them practice sequencing by putting parts of a story about Emperor Penguins in order. Signal words such as first, next, then, and finally are also introduced.