Fourth Grade Math Lessons

Check out these free, fourth grade math lessons! Use them to help make connections between procedural math and real-world math. New concepts and symbols are introduced in everyday settings and exciting interactions accompanied by immediate, supportive feedback make mathematic concepts easy to understand for children of all ages. Use these award-winning lessons to supplement your number and operations, measurement or geometry units in fourth grade.

Number and Operations

Free math lessons Fourth Grade Number and OperationsProblem Solving, Addition and Subtraction with Decimals Level 4 Vol. 1 – In this free number and operation lesson, your children will help Omar check his receipts and solve addition and subtraction problems with decimals. Students first, estimate if the receipt total is correct or incorrect using mental math. If the receipt has errors, they may use a calculator to make the corrections.  This is a not only a foundational skill, but also a fun way to practice mental math and real-world calculations.



Free math lessons Fourth Grade MeasurementMeasurement Tools Length Level 4 Vol. 1 – Help your children learn to use a ruler to measure with this free measurement lesson. Students use virtual rulers with inches and centimeter units. Interactive tools allow the student to select their units, rotate their ruler, and drag to measure objects of various lengths. Answers are reported to the fraction of an inch or centimeter. This real-world skill is a must!



Free math lessons Fourth Grade Geometry2D Shapes, Transformations Level 4 Vol. 1 – This free geometry lesson helps children practice the concepts of transformations through a problem-solving game. Students must recognize, apply, and predict the result of translations or slides and rotations or turns. The game environment, geometric vocabulary, and exploratory approach in this lesson will help deepen your children’s understanding of two-dimensional space.