Fifth Grade Math Lessons

Use these free, fifth grade math lessons to supplement your number and operations, measurement or geometry units. Explicit vocabulary, new concepts and symbolic representations are introduced in everyday settings. Virtual tools and exciting interactions make these mathematical concepts easy to understand for children of all ages.

Number and Operations

Free math lessons Fifth Grade Number and OperationsFractions, Converting Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions Level 5 Vol. 1 – This free number and operations practice activity is useful for practicing with improper fractions and mixed numbers. This is a crucial skill for every fifth grade student as it serves as the foundation for operating with fractions in middle school and beyond. In this lesson, students must match equivalent mixed numbers and improper fractions.



Free math lessons Fifth Grade MeasurementMeasurement Tools, Angles Level 5 Vol. 1 – Virtual protractors make angle measurements come to life in this free measurement lesson. Children use the protractor to help Dudley the Dog find his buried treasures and practice measuring angles. Students can rotate, flip, drag and adjust the protractor in order to measure each angle. This is good practice in choosing the appropriate side of the protractor when measuring angles.



Free math lessons Fifth Grade GeometryCoordinate Geometry Level 5 Vol. 1 – This free geometry lesson is a must-see! Children join Raleigh in an effort to put together the pieces of the narthex stone and uncover the lost temple. In order to find each piece, students must locate and plot ordered pairs and use the origin of a coordinate plane as a point of reference. Exciting interaction, cool characters, and specific feedback make this lesson a favorite amongst parents and students.